Customer Service


How to Measure Customer Centricity

How companies can measure customer centricity and directly impact company objectives such as revenues, margins and profits.

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The Rolling Stones and 60 Years of Customer Satisfaction

The Rolling Stones offer a CRM case study in achieving customer satisfaction for more than 60 years.

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4 Ways CRM Can Improve Call Center Agent Productivity

CRM systems improve call center metrics such as call time, up sell and cross-sell, First Call Resolution rate and agent productivity.

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The Virtual Call Center: Will It Work For Your Business?

Virtual call centers can balance call volumes, improve call routing, reduce wait times and increase agent and customer satisfaction.

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Top CRM Benefits for the Contact Center

Here are several of the most cited and impactful CRM software benefits for contact or call centers and their customers.

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Contact Center Shift from Cost Center to Profit Center

Making a Contact Center shift from cost center to profit center requires new thinking, and help with contact center technologies.

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Contact Center Continuous Performance Improvements

Best in class contact centers apply data and insights for learning that systemically improves the customer experience and company results.

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360 Customer View

Why the Contact Center 360 Customer View is so Essential

Everyone knows contact center metrics are essential. However, not everyone knows a 360 customer view is a prerequisite to maximizing contact center metrics.

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Contact Center CRM Reference Questions

The right approach and CRM software reference questions to ask contact or call center customer references during the CRM selection process.

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How Contact Center CRM Software Delivers

Learn how call centers use CRM software to provide agents with on-demand access to information and provide customers the responses they want.

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