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Denis Pombriant is the Managing Principal of Beagle Research as well as a recognized thought leader, author, speaker and contributor to the customer relationship management industry.

Denis is recognized among his peers for his unique instinct to anticipate and predict market movements before the rest of the pack — and more so to explain and provide practical business scenarios of how new technology or market movements can be applied by executives and practitioners for competitive advantage. Denis also possesses a unique capability to link otherwise unrecognizable relationships among business trends. For example, what does CRM have to do with sustainability? Well, Denis points out that sustainability in the business context centers around increasing business efficiency to reduces costs and increase profits, and references CRM initiatives to achieve these goals. To understand more, follow Denis' blog at

Denis predicted the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) CRM disruption beginning in about 2002—back in the days when security and uptime concerns were the early responses to SaaS, and certainly long before market acceptance or the markets sky-rocketing acceleration. Denis' opinions were ahead of the SaaS industry's tipping point and were the substance for competitive advantage for those who followed his writings, contemplated his opinions and put them to action.

Based on his early findings and market predictions, he now has a legion of readers that follow his content for a unique understanding of the customer relationship management industry and the dawning of social CRM. His writing style is one of brevity with an appreciated ability to get to the point and encapsulate market movements within simple text like nobody else.

For example, readers who appreciate the alignment of strategy based on market vision, can empathise with quotes such as:

"we seem to wait too long to adopt a new idea and subsequently, almost to make up for our tardiness, we maintain the idea often beyond its useful life. To be fair, it is much easier to call a turning point than it is to muster the capital needed to implement a new direction."

Any executive charged with vision and execution can relate to these types of comments—and benefit from his comments on these types of challenges. There are countless other Denis Pombriant quotes which serve to benefit customer centric planning as well as participation and growth in the customer relationship management and social CRM journey.

Denis is a tenured professional with a blended background as practitioner and advisor. After 15 years of sales and marketing management positions, in 2000 Denis arrived to the CRM industry as an analyst for Aberdeen where in four short years he was quickly elevated to VP and managing director of the CRM practice. His early voice for on-demand CRM or software-as-a-service CRM at a time when SaaS was more of a promise than a proven delivery helped Aberdeen achieve thought leadership in a small but explosive category.

Following Aberdeen, in January 2004 Denis founded Beagle Research Group to better focus his full attention to analyzing the CRM market and delivering deep insight to vendor and end user customers. As an analyst, Denis delivers expert critiques, oftentimes by deconstructing software and business processes in order to understand them and offer ideas to improve them.

Denis is a leading voice in the CRM industry and his work is regularly published in CRM magazine, CRM Buyer, 1to1 Magazine's blog and other CRM and social CRM destinations. In 2003, CRM Magazine named Denis one of the most influential executives in the CRM industry.

By Denis Pombriant on

3 stars
Gamification—A New Medium to Engage, Reward & Retain Customers
Gamification Gamification—a process of using game thinking and game mechanics to solve problems and engage users—is nascent, but as Denis hypothesizes, may ultimately infuse CRM strategies and software as a method to engage, reward and retain customers. In this article, Denis explores some of the big ideas that may seed the next methods of customer interaction and loyalty. More ...
3 stars
Oracle Acquires RightNow—A New Vision from the RightNow Summit
RightNow Technologies At the RightNow Summit 2011, the company had more to announce than attendees expected. To the surprise of most, the Summit opened with news that Oracle acquired RightNow Technologies. Analyst Denis Pombriant puts together the pieces, that is a string of Oracle acquisitions, including the RightNow purchase, to forecast a new B2C CRM vision. More ...
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Oracle Gunning for
Denis Pombriant When analysts predict the winning cloud CRM vendors—and their predictions stand in contrast—each gets the chance to promote his position. Here Denis Pombriant challenges Trip Chowdry's analysis that Oracle will overtake and find itself in the position to swoop in and buy the cloud poster child for 50 to 60 percent of the current price. More ...
3.5 stars
Social, Mobile & Carbon. The Link Between Economics, Business and Technology
Social CRM Social and mobile, and technology generally, offer an opportunity to offset the non-stop escalating costs of energy and transportation. Taking carbon out of your business processes is not simply good environmentalism but smart business. If you can find ways to visit customers over an IP connection or replace the visit with a video you are taking carbon out of that process. More ...
3.5 stars
The Tie Between Paradigm Shifts and Economic Depressions
Economic Theory In this thought provoking article, Denis references Nobel Economics laureate, Joseph Stiglitz, theory on the link between macro economic paradigm shifts and ensuing depressions—and Denis takes it a step further by suggesting that the current era U.S. shift which is finishing the cycle from manufacturing to services can be aided with CRM and response to new social customers and channels. More ...
3 stars
Trends Among Energy, Substitution and Resilience
Economic Theory Denis looks at the cyclical connection between energy prices and economic growth and further shares how consumers and businesses are engaging in substitute activities—such as using video in place of travel— to counter rising energy costs and show conservation through substitution need not be onerous. More ...
3.5 stars
Benioff Dissed from Oracle OpenWorld
Oracle OpenWorld Fewer than 24 hours before his keynote, CEO Marc Benioff gets dissed from Oracle OpenWorld without explanation. Analyst Denis Pombriant analyzes the fiasco, and assesses whether this dust up can be seen as a reaction by Oracle to several years of Benioff sniping about cloud computing or Oracle's lack thereof. More ...
4 stars
Pay The Man, He's Worth It
Denis Pombriant Analyst Denis Pombriant speculates ahead of Oracle Open World 2011, theorizes the inextricable link between Oracle's long term performance and its CEO, and hypothesizes new and revamped announcements regarding Oracle in the cloud, social CRM advancements and mobile CRM—including the power of mobile to support business analytics. More ...

Denis Pombriant is one of the most literate, clear, and insightful analysts on the scene today.

~ Michael Krigsman, Asuret CEO & ZDNet blogger


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