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Gartner indicates that Salesforce, SAP and Oracle with Siebel jointly hold more than 50% of the total European CRM software market and Salesforce is experiencing the fastest CRM growth in Europe. Cloud CRM systems currently make up over 50% of Europe's growing CRM software market, which gives an opportunity to displace on-premise CRM solutions. This CRMsearch channel focuses on regional advancements, industry research, expert insight and peer advice for the European Union CRM software market. Europe CRM
Europe CRM Software Market
While the U.S. is the global leader in Customer Relationship Management software adoption, research firm Datamonitor projects that the European Union and Western Europe are set to grow at 22% annually, possibly eclipsing the U.S. enterprise software market and representing the next large regional opportunity for CRM software vendors and consulting firms.

Featured Europe CRM Software Articles

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The State of CRM in Europe
Europe CRM While overall CRM adoption throughout Europe will grow only slightly - about 0.7% - according to a 2010 Gartner report, CRM sectors such as software as a service, social CRM and customer analytics will enjoy accelerated growth. “In terms of growth opportunity in the market, SaaS solutions, e-commerce and CRM analytics will continue to see strong demand” says Chris Pang, Gartner analyst.
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CRM Retail Trends in Western Europe
Retail CRM in Europe Western European retailers are attracting shoppers through smart inventory choices, competitive pricing – and integrated CRM software with social CRM. In this article, analysts Forrester and IDC forecast the retail outlooks in the European Union and comment on the need for increased integration between CRM and POS, ERP and other business systems.
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Understanding The Factors and Influences of the European CRM Software Market
Europe CRM Research from Gartner and Forrester shows that CRM software adoption in Europe varies significantly by North/South regions and individual countries. While SaaS CRM continues to show significant growth, regulatory and data privacy concerns for business applications hosted outside Europe linger among CRM buyers.
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The Mobile CRM European Market Remains First in Global Adoption
Mobile CRM Europe IDC predicts that 50.3% of European employees will be mobile workers by 2013 – and that means European businesses must find CRM systems that leverage mobile solutions to deliver customer account information, inventory availability, order status, payment history, product specifications and more in order to provide the level of service to meet staff and customer expectations.
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Transatlantic CRM—Comparing CRM Similarities and Differences in Europe and the U.S.
US and Europe CRM Do Europe and the U.S. differ in their approach to Customer Relationship Management and what can be said about differences in user preferences for software solutions? A lot can be said about these questions. This U.S. and European CRM comparison begins a discussion on transatlantic similarities and differences around CRM.

Europe CRM Thought Leadership Views

  UK High Street Gambling With Stock Shortages During Crucial Christmas Shopping Period
NetSuite One in three UK retailers prefers to risk running out of stock at Christmas rather than incur excess inventory levels, according to survey research sponsored by cloud-based ERP software vendor NetSuite. One-third of respondents have kept inventory levels low in response to the economic climate. 44% say they will be keeping stock levels very tight even in the run up to Christmas. Go To ... Go To

Europe CRM Market Briefs
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  • UK Companies Need Improvement in Multi-Channel Customer Service
    The nGenera Online Customer Service Index report, based on a mystery shopper survey of 100 major brands in the UK, reveals that top brands and government have hit new lows in their delivery of multi-channel customer service. The benchmark index calculated an average score of just 33% for effective online customer support using the website, emails and chat. Only 3% of companies offered multi-channel support including email, an online help section and live chat. The study assessed the availability of multiple support channels, the personalisation and timeliness of responses, and the accuracy and clarity of responses. Companies were selected from retail, financial services, public sector, utilities, travel and leisure industries. Retail was the highest performing sector with a score of 39%, followed by travel and leisure (36%) and utilities (33%). Government scored just 29%, slipping slightly ahead of financial services at the bottom of the Online Customer Service Index with 28%. End

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More References

  • EuroCloud is a fairly new group, founded in 2009 by Pierre-José BILLOTTE, Founder & Chairman of the French ASP forum. The professional association seeks to become a the pan European Cloud Computing business network. The organization has local chapters in most European countries, collaborates continent wide and offers special programs, such as Congress and CloudCamp, in various locations or times of the year.




The picture in Europe is very fragmented. Our research shows that growth in spend on CRM software correlates strongly with economic growth measures such as gross domestic product. GDP growth in countries such as Italy and Germany remains lower than the rest of the world, while market growth in countries such as the UK, Sweden, Norway and Denmark has been more consistent with that in North America. This means we are seeing CRM growth rates ranging from a slight negative to more than 27% depending on the individual country."

~ Chris Pang, Gartner Senior Analyst


Europe CRM Forecasts

The European Union and surrounding European states continue their adoption of customer relationship management systems.

  • A Cahners research survey shows that the UK leads Europe in forecasted CRM implementations with 29% of respondents noting they plan to implement CRM systems. Spain followed the UK with 19%, followed by Scandinavia at 16%, Italy at 13%, France at 11% and Germany at 9%. Survey results also indicated that the telecommunications and consumer packaged goods industries project the largest CRM growth with the health care and automotive industries following close in tow.
  • Forrester reports that 47% of North American and European enterprises have already implemented a CRM solution in the form of marketing, sales and customer service.
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