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CRM is a business strategy that knows no boundaries. While North America represents the largest CRM market, other global regions have the opportunity to learn from the successes and failures of the U.S. market. This Global CRM channel focuses on the shared lessons as well as the local and cultural differences which impact CRM strategy, software selection and software implementation. The best practices and lessons learned are intended to deliver practical advice and insight to aid practitioners implementing CRM software in their corner of the world or rolling out a global CRM solution throughout the world. Global CRM
Global CRM Solutions
CRM strategy and CRM software must adapt to differences in culture, objectives, data structure, business processes and privacy by region and country. Regional enterprises place increased emphasis differently—scalability in the U.S., privacy in the EU, open source preferences in Asia-Pac and focus on CRM collections functionality in Latin America are but a few examples that highlight differences in the global CRM market.

Featured International CRM Software Articles

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The Asia CRM Software Landscape
Asia CRM Research from Springboard and discussions with local CRM strategy and CRM software experts share how the Asia CRM software market, as well as the market for new and disruptive technologies such as cloud computing, SaaS and social media, are both unique from the rest of the world and changing the IT landscape.
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The State of CRM in Europe
CRM Europe While overall CRM adoption throughout Europe will grow only slightly - about 0.7% - according to a 2010 Gartner report, CRM sectors such as software as a service, social CRM and customer analytics will enjoy accelerated growth. “In terms of growth opportunity in the market, SaaS solutions, e-commerce and CRM analytics will continue to see strong demand” says Chris Pang, Gartner analyst.
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GITEX Dubai 30th Anniversary
Gitex The 30th annual GITEX event and Technology Week was held October 17 to 21 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre and both attendance and enthusiasm were up from the prior year. GITEX is clearly capitalizing on the region’s increased global IT presence. In the UAE alone, ICT investment is set to increase by 12.4% to US $4.8 billion this year ...
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The Middle East CRM Software Market
Middle East CRM With research and references from Gartner and others, this article identifies several unique characteristics and regional differences in the Middle East CRM software market. “In the Middle East, companies like to buy local,” explains Michael Maoz, Gartner Vice President and Distinguished Analyst. “They don’t buy, say, Oracle. They buy Oracle Saudi Arabia.”
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The CRM Landscape of Latin America
CRM Latin America Latin America is adopting CRM software at a faster pace than most of the world. Chuck analyzes and debriefs the research findings from Gartner and other analysts along with regional growth projections and key differences in CRM strategy, CRM software and Social CRM solutions in Latin America - as compared to the rest of the world.
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CRM Software Adoption Surges in Asia Pacific
Asia CRM CRM software research from Springboard, Datamonitor and Gartner as well as the go to market business strategies implemented by SAP, and other CRM vendors demonstrate the growth and strength of the Asian Customer Relationship Management software market and the vendors approaches to acquire customers in the region.
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Understanding The Factors and Influences of the European CRM Software Market
Europe CRM Research from Gartner and Forrester shows that CRM software adoption in Europe varies significantly by North/South regions and individual countries. While SaaS CRM continues to show significant growth, regulatory and data privacy concerns for business applications hosted outside Europe linger among CRM buyers.
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Factors Affecting CRM Software Growth in Latin America
Latin America CRM Business factors such as call center industry growth, IT outsourcing and U.S free trade agreements as well as technology advancements such as software as a service (SaaS), social CRM and open source CRM software systems are influencing the adoption and growth of CRM software solutions by Latin American companies.

Global Market Briefs
More References

  • Asia Pacific Enterprise Software Market Returns to Growth
    The Asia/Pacific region excluding Japan (APEJ) enterprise applications software market has returned to positive growth, according to IDC's Asia/Pacific Semiannual Enterprise Applications Tracker. The rebound is expected to continue, and IDC forecasts the enterprise applications market to continue double digit growth. End

More References More References
More References

  • is a leading research and analyst firm that focuses on unifying data, trends, and insights to help their clients understand the business implications of technology. They put out some of the best international technology market research available.

  • has several good pages on international markets coverage, including CRM software facts and trends for North America, European Union, Asia Pacific, Latin America and the Middle East.





According to Gartner analyst Michael Maoz, $75 billion has been spent on Customer Relationship Management software in a 10 year period. However, during that period customer satisfaction has grown only 3% to 5%.

~ Gartner



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 Global CRM Software Facts and Figures
  • 80% of all CRM software is sold in North America and Western Europe.
  • Greater China achieved the highest global CRM software growth of 26.9%.
  • Latin America was second in CRM growth at 24.3%.
  • North America CRM software sales grew 16.6%.
    Source: Gartner


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