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4 stars
HubSpot Software Review
HubSpot Review HubSpot has joined the marketing automation software leaderboard, although not in the usual way. While the company's solution performs key marketing automation tasks such as lead acquisition, nurture campaigns, lead scoring, lead transfer and more, the company is a tireless advocate for inbound marketing, and offers a suite of tools to aid content creation and getting that content found on the Web.
3.5 stars
HubSpot Marketing Software Discussion with Brian Halligan
Brian Halligan In this discussion with Brian Halligan, HubSpot CEO, Brian shares why inbound marketing (sometimes called content marketing) makes sense, the HubSpot target market, how his marketing software disproportionately empowers SME's over big brands, and how HubSpot helps its customers grow lead flow by an average of 50 leads per month.
4 stars
HubSpot Excels By Packaging Marketing Simplicity in a Suite
HubSpot HubSpot helps bridge the gap between a smaller company's business acumen and its ability to gain market visibility. When both acumen and visibility exist, the company gains market share. However, if one or the other is missing, the company falters. HubSpot focuses on building online market visibility for SMBs, particularly those that lack technical or new marketing savvy.
  SugarCRM and HubSpot Announce Integrated Inbound Marketing Solution
HubSpot & SugarCRM We've long been fans of Hubspot, so the news that HubSpot and SugarCRM have created an integration which enables organizations to cost-effectively create and optimize complete inbound closed-loop marketing programs was enthusiastically received. The integration provides lead transfer from HubSpot to Sugar, bidirectional synchronization of leads and closed-loop reporting. Go To ... Go To
  HubSpot Raises $32 Million from Google, and Sequoia
HubSpot While the venture capital headline is testament to what three marquee technology brands think of HubSpot and its promotion of inbound marketing software tools and techniques, CEO Brian Halligan provides a much more meaningful analysis of why the company raised additional funds and provides a glimpse into HubSpot's vision and continued execution. Go To ... Go To


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HubSpot Inbound Marketing Software helps over 4,000 customers generate traffic and leads through their websites, and convert more of those leads into customers. HubSpot software includes tools for blogging, landing pages, lead scoring, lead nurturing, marketing analytics, content management, social media, SEO, CRM integration, email marketing and more.



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New The How To Guide For Marketing Automation Software Selection

This How To Guide provides a sample illustration, references repeatable best practices and delivers on the specific steps and actions necessary to manage your software selection project, define your marketing software requirements, create a useful requirements document - and make the most informed purchase decision when selecting a lead management system or marketing automation software solution.

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About HubSpot

HubSpot leverages inbound marketing methods and supporting software technology products to help customers get found by more qualified visitors, convert more visitors into sales leads, employ marketing software automation to close leads efficiently and use marketing analytics to gain understanding and insight.




The HubSpot platform is a solid mix of features and advice. Social marketing is a contact sport that requires solid thinking, quality work and consistent action to make it work. The HubSpot software provides a great set of tools for decision support, analytics and automation."

~ Zero to Social Blog


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