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Project solicitation question: What project would most benefit CRM software buyers?

Phase 1, Release 1 update: Tabulated project suggestion short list.

Project Title
CRM RFP Editable Template
Side by side vendor comparisons
Social CRM business case template with ROI forecasting
Consultant contract template and guidelines


Comments & Conversation

Guest Mike Kirk
  Stay with the RFP template/builder. RFPs represent a tremendous amount of duplicative effort as every company recreates much of the same RFP content previously created by countless other companies that previously went through their purchase process. Giving the community a good RFP template will accelerate a laborious but important exercise.
Guest Karen Kilpatrick
  I think developing a wiki would provide a tool that could then support many on-demand community collaborative projects.
Guest LP
  Still don't see a big value.
Guest Mike Samuel
  I'm not suggesting an RFP master that blindly get distributed to CRM vendors, but a framework which comes pre-bundled with much or all of the generic, process based approach and content.
Guest LP
  RFP's have to be unique for each company to be effective. I don't think trying to create a master RFP will work.
Guest Chuck Schaeffer
  My personal experience echoes Sig's comment. Back in my Anderson consulting days we leveraged RFP templates to significantly accelerate the process when creating request for proposals for clients. While each RFP was unique, there was considerable overlap and content that was reused tended to mature in a way that improved the quality of the content over time.
Guest Sig Wilson
  I've created two CRM RFPs over the last eight years and while the company situations were very different I must admit the second RFP was crafted after the first and done in a fraction of the time - and was a better quality tool.


Idea Lab Mission

The intent of CRM Idea Lab is to flush out ideas for community projects that turn into learning, deliverables or results that benefit the community at large.

CRM search contributes to the process by appointing a facilitator, creating a projects short list based on member ideas, tabulating and categorizing project suggestions and data, soliciting member participation and synthesizing member input into periodic community updates until project completion.





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