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CRMsearch leverages the Inner Circle Advisory Panel as a community within a community.

CRMsearch serves thousands of readers each month seeking advice, education and insight relating to topics such as CRM software selection, implementation approaches, lead management systems, customer support applications, social CRM and other subjects related to customer relationship management strategies, techniques and software applications.

CRM Inner Circle Participation and Recognition

Inner Circle members are periodically called upon to consider participating in research projects, Ask The Expert reader responses, award competition judging, or IdeaLab or community ideation projects.

In addition to helping community members, Inner Circle panel members boost their web presence, demonstrate their expertise, connect with other Inner Circle members and engage readers. Also, Inner Circle members:

  • Receive exclusive access to pre-releases of the annual CRM research project results.
  • May opt-in (by CRM topic) to respond or comment to 'Ask The Expert' questions from website readers.
  • May moderate a website topic or channel.
  • May submit articles for prominent placement on this website. Published articles are read by thousands of readers per month and offer a link back to the authors website.
  • May submit blog posts for syndication on this website and be a part of our curated content program. Published blog posts offer a link back to the authors website and members are featured in our blogroll exchange.
  • May be featured in the highly read Thought Leaders Directory.
  • May choose to share their expert status with the authorized badge display.
CRM Inner Circle

Business executives, software buyers and companies seeking to maximize their customer relationship management investment look to CRMsearch for trusted information, and look to our Inner Circle panel for practical advice and leadership. Complete the form to the right to contribute to the community.

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