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Jesús Hoyos is a CRM consultant, independent analyst and thought leader for the Latin America CRM industry. Jesús speaks at industry and regional events, is frequently quoted in regional publications such as CNN Expansion and AmericaEconomia, and writes for industry trade publications such as Mundo-Contact, El Inversionista and ContactCenter.

Jesús is extremely knowledgeable on the issues and specifics which make CRM in Latin America different from the rest of the world. Jesus has also been the leading influencer for over five years (an eternity in social media terms) in demonstrating the tangible business value of social media, or the subset more narrowly termed social CRM, for clients in both the North and South American hemispheres. In addition to being a Latin American CRM thought leader, Jesús is one of the few people to clearly and easily articulate social CRM as it relates to traditional CRM and customer focused strategies.

In the (Spanish) words of one of his many raving fans:

"Jesús es un gran conocedor de los temas de CRM, Social Media y Social CRM. Ha impartido talleres y conferencias en los diversos eventos de MundoContact, siempre con gran afluencia y excelentes resultados. Sin duda es uno de los personajes más reconocidos en el medio a nivel Latinoamérica como consultor, conferencista y blogger."

Jesús is currently a partner at Solvis Consulting and draws upon his 19+ years of experience in the execution of Customer Relationship Management initiatives, such as business processes improvements, requirements definitions, project management, quality assurance, and CRM best practices. At Solvis, he continues to work with high profile international companies in Canada, United States and Latin American countries executing CRM strategies and implementing many software packages.

Prior to founding Solvis, he was the Regional Domain Partner for Customer Management Solutions in Latin America for Cambridge Technology Partners. Jesús is also co-founder of Customers Forever, LLC, a company dedicated to promote CRM strategies and software solutions in Latin America.

Jesus is literally the social media and social CRM thought leader of Latin America. His well read blog, sponsorship for, co-founding of Social Media Club Mexico City, social CRM certification programs and conference speaking demonstrate both his regional authority and passion for advancing customer initiatives, CRM strategies and social CRM.

Among other speaking topics, Jesus offers a running lecture titled 'Social CRM: how to turn conversations into transactions' which tackles the complex issue of monetizing, measuring and integrating social media opportunities with a company's existing business strategy.

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Jesus is the greatest professional I know in the CRM area. He has a deep knowledge about CRM, but he also has the capability to explain the value that can provide to the organizations. He is always one-mile ahead of the rest of us, but he is not just visionary, but also he has high understanding of business problems and how to solve them with a mix of strategy, technology and process."

~ Valentin Valle, CTP



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