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While traditional marketing management systems, often included with Customer Relationship Management systems, perform campaign setup, profiling and integration with sales force automation (SFA), a new breed of marketing automation or lead management systems have stepped up with increased lead acquisition capabilities, including automation to capture prospect information using form submissions, assess prospects' online behaviors to determine where they are in the sales process, nurture prospects with highly relevant messaging until they are ready to buy, score the prospects based on their digital behaviors, automatically forward sales ready leads to the sales force once a threshold score is achieved and provide closed loop analysis to continually improve the process.


Marketing Facts & Figures
  • The Marketing Automation Software industry reached $2.8 billion in 2011.
    Source: Gartner
  • Top marketing issues include generating more high quality leads (69%), help reduce lengthening sales cycles (39%), education buyers on the value of products (37%), and market to a growing number of stakeholders in the buying process (33%).
    Source: MarketingSherpa, B2B Survey
  • IDC research shows that 62% of B2B vendors need more leads in order to generate the same amount of sales.
    Source: IDC
  • The call from the sales force is not "Give us more leads" - it's "Give us better leads."
    Source: MarketingSherpa, B2B Survey


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