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Marketo Best Fit and Alternative Solutions

Sweet Spot
Short list Marketo when:

  • You're a small or midsize business (SMB) seeking best of breed B2B lead management software.
  • You're moving assertively into social marketing and seek disruptive tools and technologies to aid your pursuit.
  • You use and desire a tightly integrated marketing automation system, without the need for a lot of IT support.

Alternative Solutions
Marketing buyers may be best advised to consider alternative marketing software products when:

  • Your company serves B2C or mixed B2B and B2C markets.
  • You use a CRM software system other than
  • You are a small business and price is a significant decision factor.
  • You need to perform marketing software customization, such as adding new database tables.
  • You are an enterprise, multi-national or decentralized organization with many marketers and require sophisticated user access and security permission controls.
  • You're a global company that seeks local or regional support outside the United States.

Concluding Remarks

Marketo is unquestionably the up and comer of the marketing software industry. This new comer is a thought leader, practices what it preaches, delivers impressive marketing software and backs it up with outstanding customer support. The company's growth is sky-rocketing and it is the marketing software vendor to catch.

Marketo positions its marketing software as a revenue cycle management solution capable of transforming how marketing and sales teams of all sizes work together to accelerate predictable revenue. The company touts the concept of Revenue Performance Management (RPM) as strategic new thinking which can deliver increased sales and marketing alignment and optimize buyer interactions across the revenue cycle for increased success. While the concept is not truly new, it is being reinvigorated by Marketo and other marketing automation software vendors. However, Marketo and the other marketing software providers must understand that marketing software buyers are not knowledgeable of the RPM acronym or even the phrase when spelled out. The marketing software vendor community can decrease buyer confusion and add credibility to a very valid business strategy by putting some additional detail behind the Revenue Performance Management moniker and directly aligning their software capabilities to the claimed benefits of RPM. End

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Guest Marti Holland
  My prior company acquired Marketo and was happy with it. It was a tougher and more technical implementation than we anticipated. Prior to Marketo, we incurred tons of hours and had a lot of challenge measuring sales stage conversions. With our Marketo system, this became pretty much automated and now we’re able to advance to a lot of other useful reporting.

Guest Ken Albright
  We completed our marketing software decision four months ago. After a fairly exhaustive project we came to a few opinions. Based on its acquisition of Eloqua, Oracle marketing cloud is the most mature and full featured marketing software, but designed more for middle sized and large businesses. Marketo is probably the easiest to use, although that argument is losing steam as competitors advance ease of use in every release. We use Salesforce for CRM, so we were inclined to lean toward Marketo, but our investigation found few differences in the CRM integration for pretty much all the marketing vendors. I think Marketo can be implemented faster than Oracle marketing cloud, however, don't believe the sales suggestions that you're going to be up and running in less than a week and without technical resources. Those suggestions are simply not true. In large part because we are a small business, we chose Marketo and have been happy with it. My advice having been through this process is to consider all the players (not just the top 3 or 4) and don't compare them to each other as much as you compare them to your specific requirements.

Guest Sherman Earlston
  Great review, one question though, what are secure workspaces referred to in the pricing section?
  Denise Chuck Schaeffer
    A Marketo workspace gives and restricts user access to specified assets such as campaigns, emails, landing pages, forms, smart lists and reports. Lead partitions work in conjunction with workspaces, and are used to create divisions in the database, giving one or many workspaces access to the leads that are associated or created in the partition.






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