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Marketo Lead Acquisitions Capabilities Review

Lead Scoring Review

Lead scoring measures and scores leads using lead demographics (i.e. company size, industry, location, etc.), BANT (budget, authority, need, timeframe), behaviors and CRM data values imported from in order to prioritize the leads with the most likelihood to generate revenue. Key lead scoring features include the following:

  • Marketo permits multiple lead scores for the same lead and can calculate company-level lead scores for contact leads across a company.
  • Lead scores can be calculated and re-calculated based on events or a schedule as well as decremented for periods of inactivity. Lead score updates can be added or subtracted from the prior score, or recalculated anew.
  • Lead scores can be calculated based on aggregate lead behaviors, such as the number of specified actions occurring over a designated period.
  • Lead score rules can cap a data scoring element (so that repeated activities don't inflate and distort the score) and can limit how often a data scoring element is counted (for example, only count a maximum of two website visits per day).
  • Lead scores can be impacted by data in the CRM system, including CRM account, activity and opportunity data points.
  • Lead behavior can trigger a lead to bypass sequential campaign steps and be immediately forwarded to inside sales or sales based on real-time events. An MIT Lead Response Management research study revealed that a delay from 5 minutes to 10 minutes in reaching to a lead response decreases the probability of actually contacting the lead by 400 percent. Waiting 30 minutes before following up with the lead decreases your chances by 21 times. With hot leads, time is of the essence.

Marketo Campaign Management

Campaigns or lead nurturing automate multiple step programs to maintain top of mind awareness and build relationships with leads over time using targeted, consistent communications. Key Marketo campaign management features include the following:

  • Campaigns share content created in the design tool. The content creation design tool is easy to use, but lacks content management functionality such as expiration dates, version control, check-in/check-out file management and security permissions.
  • Campaigns can be configured to execute actions based on a schedule, event or when manually updated. Campaign workflow processes can insert wait rules, use IF/THEN/ELSE logic and multi-direction decision tree branching.
  • Campaigns can define lead behaviors and actions to insert or remove a lead from a campaign, move a lead from one campaign to another, update or change lead data values, wait, adjust lead scores, send messages or transfer the lead from the marketing database to the CRM system. Actions cannot prescribe the transfer to a specific step within another campaign process.
  • Despite very close integration with, the synchronization process does not replicate campaigns created in Marketo to The sync does replicate campaigns created in to Marketo.
  • Multiple campaigns can be grouped for campaign program or family reporting.
  • There is no method for campaigns to capture costs, a material weakness in automating and calculating return on investment (ROI) and other financial metrics.

Marketo manages multi-channel marketing campaigns such as online ads, video campaigns, virtual events and social media. Offline channels such as print, direct mail, mobile SMS, outbound telemarketing with call center integration and the like are largely not supported.

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