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Marketo Lead Management Review

Reporting & Business Intelligence

Marketo applies an integrated sales and marketing perspective to marketing automation reporting—focusing on revenue performance management (RPM) rather than just lead management. Dashboards and reports revolve around marketing, sales and sales management performance factors and attempt to bring closed loop analysis in measuring how leads contribute to revenue impact. Key Marketo reporting features include the following:

  • Marketo delivers a broad catalogue of the essential packaged marketing reports for website analytics, email marketing, leads and campaigns. Reports offer traditional displays of columnar data or chart viewing, drill-down investigation to data subsets (all the way to individual visitor click streams) and report exporting.
  • Reporting can include anonymous visitors as well as IP lookup (which decreases the volume of anonymous visitors), web reporting on external web pages and geo-coding by region, state or zip code.
  • For report development, users can copy a report and save it as a new custom report. More so, marketers or administrators can create custom reports from scratch.
  • Opportunity records imported from the CRM system reference the source campaigns and provide the basis to calculate campaign derived revenues. Unfortunately, if a lead is attributed to two campaigns, the system will count the full revenue for each campaign, thereby double counting the revenue attributable to marketing. This problem is compounded when a lead is referenced to more than two campaigns.
  • Reports permit flexible scheduling, email distribution and even RSS subscriptions.
  • Unfortunately, like many marketing automation software systems, there is an absence of advanced reporting capabilities such as data warehousing, data mining, predictive analytics and online analytical processing (OLAP).

The dashboards and performance metrics included with the Marketo NEXT release have stepped up information reporting. Two helpful tools include the Program Effectiveness Analyzer—which has the potential to graphically display ROMI (return on marketing investment) with direct reference to the sales pipeline and closed revenue, and the Opportunity Influencer Analyzer—which show marketing's contribution to sale opportunities and revenue generation.

Other Marketo Capabilities

Additional capabilities in the Marketo marketing automation software include the following:

  • The Marketo Marketing Nation is an online customer community which taps into a collective brain trust and includes the Marketo Program Exchange, which offers access to pre-built and verified templates for marketers developing new campaigns and other projects for reference. The topics of the templates range from lead scoring, lead nurturing, Webinar creation, search engine marketing and e-mail campaigns.
  • Marketo's acquisition of Crowd Factory has spawned two social marketing solutions, Marketo Social Boost and Marketo Social Promotions, as part of the Marketo Social Marketing suite. Social Boost adds social lift to campaigns to expand reach and increase engagement with tools such as social apps for video sharing or reviews, and social forms with LinkedIn or Twitter social identity logon credentials. Social Promotions provide prospects custom promotions such as sweepstakes, contests or group offers to spread your message virally across social networks.
  • Additionally, social media and social CRM (sCRM) are empowered through 3 tools—Social Response, Social Sharing and Social Analytics. The Social Response tool integrates and leverages the Radian6 social monitoring application to trigger actions or change lead scoring based on the social stream activities of leads in the database. Marketo also taps into the Jigsaw database to append lead data and improve data quality. The Social Sharing capability appends messages with links to share and extend content. The Social Analytics provide insight for social publishing and feeds.
  • Virtual and physical event management was released as part of the recent NEXT upgrade. This functionality facilitates improved event performance by better targeting and attracting attendees with personalized messaging and automated reminders as part of an event-based nurture campaign. Events can be cloned, however, more advanced feature sets such as registration capacity limits, wait lists, cancellation processes, payment processing or facilities management are absent. Marketo more recently added integration for managing online events, with products such as Adobe Connect, Cisco WebEx, Citrix GoToWebinar and On24.
  • For email integration, the Marketo marketing software can add email sent from or Microsoft Outlook to the CRM software activity history.
  • Marketo Sales Insight empowers sales staff with limited email campaign functionality typically reserved for marketers. Sales staff can insert their leads and prospects to marketing campaigns and nurture campaigns, suspend marketing activity for a designated period of time, or recycle leads. The Marketo Sales Insight solution allows sales staff to send trackable emails or email marketing campaigns using CRM or Microsoft Outlook and be alerted when recipients open and click the emails. Users can even send email campaigns to leads by selecting targets from the lead or contact list view. When working offline, the Microsoft Outlook plug-in will send the emails the next time you connect to the Internet.
  • Marketo has limited pay per click (PPC) or Google Adwords search engine marketing integration. The marketing system can capture the keyword, ad and add group from the referring URL string, however, does not have a method to capture the keyword cost. Therefore adwords campaigns can only report the revenue side.

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