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Hosting and Data Center Delivery

The Marketo marketing software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution is hosted at Rackspace (a carrier neutral, Tier 4 data center facility), and within their Zero-Downtime Network service. Marketo data center downtime and uptime delivery statistics are publicly available at the company Trust site and displayed for the prior 12 months. At the time this Marketo marketing software review was published, the company was averaging approximately 99.97% uptime, excluding scheduled maintenance and service windows.

Marketo's business has grown to handle many terabytes of data and many millions of database transactions per day. To accommodate these high volumes, while maintaining a 24 by 7 SaaS delivery model, Marketo also uses the Continuent Tungsten Enterprise product, an innovative storage architecture based on NetApp, to aid its MySQL database with enterprise features such as data replication and clustering, quick recovery from failures, and efficient hardware utilization.

Marketo provides a sandbox environment for development, training, QA and testing purposes with its Enterprise version, but sandboxes are not included with the lesser SMB and Professional versions.

Data center reliability is facilitated with redundant telecom (9 diverse tier one carriers), power (including backup generators) and claimed (N+1) equipment redundancy. Complete protection against all single points of failure could not be verified.

Marketo information security controls consist of the normal industry security procedures for physical infrastructure (i.e. purpose built infrastructure, guarded parameter, multi-factor access credentials, video surveillance), data in transit (i.e. digital certificate, SLL 3.0/TLS 1.0 encrypted traffic) and data at rest (optional AES database encryption). This last security measure is possibly the most important and least offered among SaaS marketing software vendors. The company performs selected network penetration testing and uses a suite of open source security tools to manage information security objectives.

Marketo's data center (Rackspace) has achieved a SAS 70 Type II certification, however Marketo does not have its own SAS 70—something quite important to publicly traded and SEC governed companies which must comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and in particular section 404. Marketo conforms to the Safe Harbor certification—something particularly important for European Union customers. Relative to leading SaaS or cloud providers, Marketo is a bit behind in getting data center delivery certifications and we hope the company will complete its SAS 70 and consider more global attestations such as the ISO 27001.

Marketo's data center delivery comes with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) of 99.5% application availability measured monthly. While the SLA agreement is available to EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) customers it's unclear if it also applies to U.S. and other global region customers. Maintenance windows, or downtime events that occur on third-party Internet transport providers are excluded from the SLA.

In the event of SLA non-conformance in a given month, Marketo will grant the Customer a credit against the next months bill or, if no further billing periods remain, a pro-rata refund of any prepaid fees, according to the application availability schedule below:

99.5% to 100% — 0 credit
89% to 99.49% — 4% credit
97% to 97.99 — 8% credit
Below 97% — 15% credit

If the Service is unavailable for forty-eight hours or more, the Customer has the right to terminate their Agreement and receive a refund of prepaid fees, prorated to the effective date of the Service unavailability.

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