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Marketo Review

Implementation Considerations

Marketo is a simple marketing system to learn and requires minimal training to get going. The online system is usually provisioned in one day, however, the time required to achieve a production environment in measured by tasks such as the following:

  • Coordinating and integrating sales and marketing staff—often for the first time—in order to morph sales and marketing revenue generation processes and expand the traditional 'sales' funnel to a combined marketing and sales 'revenue' funnel. Don't underestimate the importance, time requirement or change management associated with this critical step.
  • Cleansing of lead and contact data prior to import. Most organizations do not recognize how dirty their data is until they go to import it. Customers are advised to test data early and check for conditions such as duplicate data, inaccurate data, data missing required fields and the like. Cleaning the data prior to transferring it to the marketing automation software is critical in avoiding downstream problems.
  • Defining and mapping your business processes to the constructs of the marketing software.
  • Creation, review or updates to email templates, landing pages and forms.
  • Thoughtful campaign management process designs.
  • Thoughtful lead scoring designs and the natural maturation or optimization of lead scoring models.
  • Creating a security matrix and assigning the proper security permissions for each user.
  • Creating the system integration with third party applications or legacy systems.
  • Reporting requirements.

While its possible customers may be ready to kick-off their first campaign in a week, these tasks normally consume a few weeks of effort. The implementation process will be significantly lengthened if content such as landing pages, email letters, drip campaign deliverables and the like do not already exist.

Marketo provides initial services with new client provisions. These enablement and jump start services are remotely delivered and short in duration, but are valuable in getting customers going as soon as possible. The Marketo Quick Start program gets customers up and running with the basics in about a day. This service includes integrating and synchronizing to your CRM system and working with you to design, build, and launch your first campaign.

Despite Marketo's jump start services, the company's professional services are scarce. If you seek on-site implementation consulting you may need to inquire with a Marketo business partner. While Marketo partners tend to be very qualified, they too are very small in size and number.

Sales literature or inexperienced marketing software sales people can suggest that due to Marketo's strong ease of use, that technical resources are not necessary. This is false. A technical administrator is required for setup and implementation for tasks such as web domain and email management, landing page forms integration, integration, JavaScript tags and more.

Also recognize that most Marketo customers, and customers of most marketing automation software applications, fail to ever get past personalized email distributions, thereby only using a fraction of the marketing software capabilities and leaving their software investment payback unfulfilled.

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Marketo Software Review



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