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Marketo Company Viability

Marketo is a young, heavily venture backed software technology company headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley. As a private company that chooses not to disclose financial performance, Vantive Media has relied on third party sources, estimates obtained from executive interviews and comparison points with other marketing automation software vendors.

Company strengths which suggest Marketo is a strong challenger for a leadership role include the following.

  • The company shows impressive growth. Marketo practices what it preaches and is a true marketing machine. The company acquires approximately 50 to 100 new customers per month and has grown from $4.5M in 2009 to $32.4M in 2011, and according to CEO Phil Fernandez, "We'll double revenue again this current year [2012]. We are building a company on an IPO track. We're not on file but we're not far away."
  • Marketo shows continued software innovation. During the prior year, Marketo released upgrades to its Marketo Revenue Cycle to better visualize lead progression and performance across stages; enhanced Revenue Cycle Analytics with improved dashboards to track lead advancement, conversions and revenue attribution; and the Marketo NEXT release which included event management for live, online and hybrid events, increased multi-channel campaigns such as online ads, video campaigns and mobile, and improved spend management capture for better ROI reporting.

However, in an increasingly fragmented and competitive marketing software industry with a steady stream of new venture-backed start-ups along with larger and more mature competitors, the company also incurs substantial risks.

  • Despite Marketo's impressive growth, there is always the obvious vendor viability risk when the company is unprofitable.
  • The company has been slow to expand globally. Marketo announced the opening of its European headquarters in Dublin, Ireland in Q2 2011 and the launch of a Sydney, Australia office in Q3, 2012.
  • There is a conspicuous absence of global business partners and system integrator relationships.
  • There is a risk that Marketo may be over reliant on the relationship. Nearly all Marketo customers (we estimate approximately 99%) use the CRM system. has delivered a Sales Cloud and a Customer Service Cloud, but not yet delivered a marketing cloud. Many CRM pundits believe it is only a matter of time. The acquisition of Radian 6 may be a start to a marketing cloud, however, such a cloud cannot be complete without lead management software or a marketing automation system. In fact, the industry morphing of CRM and marketing automation software systems may have begun with Oracle's acquisition and integration of the prior Market2Lead marketing automation software. If were to acquire a marketing automation software vendor as part of a marketing cloud, it would cause significant disruption to the small B2B marketing software industry. Each marketing software company, including Marketo, would likely lose a substantial portion of their customer base over time. Further, their one time most helpful partner turned competitor would likely represent fierce competition as the market would bifurcate into best of breed marketing software providers versus suite providers which deliver integrated CRM and marketing software systems.

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