Anthony Lye

Oracle Customer Experience Strategy and CX Software

Anthony Lye discusses the business imperative for Customer Experience, and Oracle CX as the technology to facilitate that imperative.
Dr. Jeff Tanner

CRM Thought Leader Dr. Jeff Tanner In His Own Words

Creating a CRM strategy is a data driven exercise of conceptual mapping, testing models, measuring results and making improvements.
Paul Greenberg

CRM Thought Leader Paul Greenberg In His Own Words

Paul Greenberg discusses social CRM planning and adoption—such as how to get started, top benefits, performance metrics and success factors.
Bill Band

Mobile CRM Podcast—Trends, Best Practices & A Deployment Approach

Bill Band of Forrester Research shares Mobile CRM research findings, trend results and best practices for mobile CRM planning and deployment.
Michael Fauscette

CRM Thought Leader Michael Fauscette In His Own Words

IDC analyst Michael Fauscette shares the research data, statistics and insights driving CRM, ERP and HCM software cloud adoption.
Kate Leggett

The Objectives & Behaviors of Best In Class Contact Centers

Forrester analyst Kate Leggett describes best-in-class contact centers and how CRM software and mobility are advancing the contact center.
Rebecca Wettemann

Mobile CRM—Mobility and Social for Increased User Productivity

Analyst research results show how mobile CRM and social CRM are teaming to improve employee productivity and engagement.
Esteban Kolsky

CRM Thought Leader Esteban Kolsky In His Own Words

CRM analyst Esteban Kolsky advises how new technologies such as the cloud and social are influencing contact center CRM strategies.
Brent Leary

CRM Thought Leader Brent Leary In His Own Words

Social CRM Thought Leader Brent Leary provides practical advice for SMBs planning or implementing a social CRM strategy and program.
Vinay Iyer

Customer Experience—Using Technology to Make CX Profitable

SAP Thought Leader Vinay Iyer shares how Customer Experience Management (CXM) is aiding and extending CRM software solutions.
Michael Krigsman

CRM Thought Leader Michael Krigsman In His Own Words

Michael Krigsman delivers advice on mitigating risk and adopting to the success factors that lead to rewarding CRM software deployments.
Laurence Buchanan

CRM Strategy—Why CRM Fails and a 6 Step Approach to Success

Thought leader Laurence Buchanan identifies why CRM so often fails and a 6 step approach to successfully implement a CRM strategy.
Ray Wang

Thought Leader Ray Wang In His Own Words

Constellation Research Group CEO Ray Wang shares the factors driving the business imperative for Customer Experience Management (CXM).
Carlos Hidalgo

The Vision and Purpose of the Marketing Automation Institute

We examine the vision, purpose and benefits of the Marketing Automation Institute (MAI).
Joe Payne

Eloqua a Market Leader in Marketing Automation

A strong culture, customer success driven business model and promoter of best practices are a few factors that drive industry leading Eloqua.
Phil Fernandez

Thought Leader Phil Fernandez In His Own Words

Phil Fernandez, CEO of Marketo and author of Revenue Disruption, explains how Revenue Performance Management accelerates top line revenues.