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Best Practices Skyrocket Salesforce ROI

Research published in the Salesforce Benchmark Report revealed that applying 3 or more CRM best practices increased Salesforce ROI by 116%.

Implement Salesforce Faster

Our Accelerated Implementation Methodology (AIM) decreases implementation time by an average of 31%. That means less business interruption and faster time to value.

Fixed Fee Implementations

The combination of AIM and evidence-based Best Practices lowers the risk of cost overrun by delivering predictable outcomes at a fixed fee amount.

Facts, Not Opinions

Salesforce implementation or optimization recommendations without supporting data are just somebody's opinion.

A smarter approach is to start with research-based findings that show what's really possible, learn from leaders that have demonstrated the greatest successes and apply best practices to repeat their performance. That way you eliminate experimentation and pursue the shortest path to repeatable success.

We are a research-based consultancy that generates qualitative insights and quantitative benchmarks that roll up into Evidence-based Best Practices. These are prescriptive methods backed by industry benchmark data that show what the top Salesforce performers do differently than their peers; and how they do it.

Salesforce Best Practices

Salesforce best practices do not pursue technology goals in a vacuum. Technology is not a business outcome. It's a tool to achieve business outcomes. Best Practices start by identifying the most important user, customer and company business outcomes and then apply one or more specific technology capabilities to achieve them.

Below are the 9 best practices derived from the CRM Excellence research report.

CRM Best Practices
CRM Best Practices | Source: CRM Excellence Report

Each evidence-based best practice is validated by field research, implemented with a prescriptive framework, measured with purpose-built analytics, and fully leverages Salesforce for technology automation. And because they are data driven, they can be modeled to show investment, cash flow impact, time to value and payback.

Salesforce best practices show the prerequisites, inter-dependency relationships and sequence optimization, so that each achieves its goal and delivers by-products that jump start or contribute to the next.

Industry research and evidence-based best practices take the guesswork out of implementation success.

Salesforce Implementation

Applying Salesforce Best Practices to Improve Results is our Business

Helping clients get more value from their Salesforce investment is our core competency.

We are certified experts with Salesforce and have created a unique niche in applying best practices to improve user adoption, software utilization, technology ROI and business outcomes.

Our prescriptive methods and acceleration tools bring proven techniques to speed time to value and reduce risk. Our purpose-built analytics bring visibility and predictability to progress and forecasted results.

And to de-risk our programs, we round out our services with program management, change management and governance oversight.

What Sets Us Apart

We apply some standout differences to achieve better results for our clients.

The seniority and experience of our consultants is unmatched. Our Salesforce consultants have personally led many implementation and optimization projects. They are certified on the application and Agile methods. The average tenure among our staff is 24 years of full-time CRM experience.

So, instead of the norm which is a part-time experienced consultant supported by a team of junior staff, our entire team consists of senior professionals.

Our User First approach recognizes that all benefits start with user adoption. Staff adopt the application when the benefits exceed the effort. That's critical because if many of the staff don't fully use the app, it doesn't matter if the software was installed correctly, on time and on budget.

Our methodology makes the user our North star and designs the system so that it achieves what is most important to them, what they identify as their performance, productivity, and personal goals, or what we call their WIFFMs (what's in it for me.)

The simple but often ignored truth is that most staff will not embrace the app unless and until it helps them do their jobs better. For many companies that means a shift in focus from data input to information output. From feeding the system to getting value out of it.

Anybody can get Salesforce to run, but a specialized Salesforce consultant takes it two steps further to first achieve enthusiastic user adoption and higher software utilization and then attain downstream business outcomes such as increased customer acquisitions, customer lifetime value and customer retention.

It's this approach that enables technology to achieve order of magnitude improvements and increase the value from basic operational efficiencies to business transformation.

Creating a clear line of sight from technology to financial results is what makes our Salesforce consultancy unique.

We have a unique focus in helping clients implement Salesforce Center of Excellence (CoE). A CoE brings scale to scarce and high-demand skills by applying one or a few resources to go deep into certain technologies and then disseminate the benefits and insights to others. A CoE leverages technical skills to surpass ordinary standards and achieve extraordinary financial results. Many times, that means driving performance beyond the norm to Best-in-Class standards. Our experience shows these groups can raise ROI by low double digits within 90 days and then continuously increase payback over time.

This application can tell you what leads will convert, what sale opportunities will and will not close, what customers are most at risk of churn, and which staff would benefit from real-time coaching.

But data must be converted from a raw material to a finished product of information or insight. That's when data becomes your most valuable company asset.

We have the use cases and accelerators to transform data into insights that predict outcomes and drive actions to improve operational results.

The most successful companies are defined by their ability to apply the right data for improved staff and customer engagement.

How To Get Started

CRM Design Thinking Workshop

Art of the Possible Workshop

When it’s time to implement or step up your Salesforce software, a one-day Design Thinking workshop can surface a prioritized list of the most important and highest impact user, customer and company outcomes.

These capabilities become the measurable success factors to demonstrate improved CRM value.

See the Workshop Agenda.

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