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CRM Vendor Response To Social CRM (SCRM)

Traditional CRM vendors are scrambling to come up with integrated social CRM solutions. In his excellent Web Strategist blog Jeremiah Owyang of the Altimeter Group finds that CRM vendors are "not walking the walk." He's right in that the big CRM software companies have yet to roll out comprehensive solutions that have thoroughly integrated and merged the new social channels. Many of them offer point solutions while others make do with third-party plug-ins. Microsoft Dynamics, for instance, has partnered with Neighborhood America to offer social media in the government sector.

Owyang posted an annotated list of Social CRM products in December 2009, updated in February 2010. Since new vendor updates and offerings are being released in quick succession, companies that are in the software selection process will want to check this list regularly. The list is broken into different categories. Following is the section that deals with traditional CRM vendors.

Traditional CRM Vendors Offering Social CRM Integration

Buzzient: Offers a CRM platform that provides social media analytics that can be used for web marketing, customer tracking, and reporting. They have partnerships with, Oracle, and SugarCRM.

Microsoft Dynamics: Offers Accelerators that "Allow business professionals to monitor and analyze customers' conversations on social networking sites, and as a result, provides real-time status updates about their products and services" They are also partnered with Neighborhood America.

NetSuite: Offers social CRM as a partnership with InsideView and offers Twitter integration.

Oracle Siebel Social CRM: Promises the ability to provide insights based on the buying behaviors of similar customers, as well as shared content to be used between sales teams.

RightNow CRM: Offers several features in their suite such as Support Communities, Innovation Communities, Cloud Monitoring, and Social Experience Design. Rightnow acquired Hivelive, an enterprise community platform. Offers integration with social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter., like SAP, is importing the Twitter "firehose" feed, and has offered social features like Q&A, social networking like Chatter, and has lightweight LinkedIn integration.

SAP CRM: Imports the Twitter firehose feed.

SugarCRM: Offers "SugarCRM Cloud Connectors" via Web Services to leading third-party data service providers such as Hoover's, JigSaw and LinkedIn.

We Can Do Biz: Offers traditional CRM features for SMBs, and a unique Twitter scraping feature that filters down by some level of geography and organizes records in the database.

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Guest starme
  Many companies continue to bury their heads with regard to responding to customers on the social networks that customers choose. Gartner wisely predicted that by 2014, for companies that refuse to communicate with customers over social channels, it will be as damaging to customer relationships as ignoring customer phone calls and emails is today. Continuing to ignore these customers will not make them go away, in fact just the opposite.

Guest Malcome Lutz
  We're looking for a social monitoring tool. We've seen Radian6, who else should we consider?
  Denise Denise Holland
    Forrester released the "2011 Listening Platform Landscape" report which among other things broke out leading social listening vendors in three categories. The first category of 'social dashboards' is made up of web-based tools which integrate with the social streams and the top vendors include Crimson Hexagon, Brandwatch, NetBase, Radian6 and Trackur. The second category of 'Multichannel analytics' solutions mine social media data and is supplied by vendors Attensity, Autonomy, Analytics Infrastructures, Clarabridge, Overtone and SAS. The final category of 'Listening services' is made up of custom social media research reports and top vendors include Converseon, Cymfony, EmPower Research, NM Incite, Synthesio and Visible Technologies. You might also want to check out the Radian 6 review post and its comments.

Guest Victor Young
  Great article. Do you think social CRM systems will eventually overtake traditional CRM software systems?
  Denise Denise Holland
    I suspect rather than compete the two strategies will eventually merge into common software systems. Analyst firm Gartner named Jive and Lithium the top two social CRM systems in their first 2010 magic quadrant. Interestingly, these two vendors were never in the CRM business prior to evolving their community platforms into what is now referred to as the social CRM space. Blogger and thought leader Chris Selland has suggested that Social CRM (or sCRM as he puts it) is at the same stage of development that eCRM was in 1999. In the case of eCRM, the issue was the transition from server-based to web-based solutions. Once the transition reached maturity in the marketplace, the "e" disappeared. Likewise, he asserts that when social CRM becomes completely absorbed into the mainstream, Social CRM will become just CRM again. But before that becomes a reality, much work has to be done refining business models and supporting them with technology. In the meantime, companies seeking to tap into the social web should adopt a social strategy and support it with the many software tools and plug-ins that are available.

Guest Ian Mathews
  Is social CRM the same things as CRM 2.0?
  Denise Denise Holland
    Essentially yes. Industry leader Paul Greenberg originally coined the term CRM 2.0. However, after his colleague and friend Brent Leary ran with social CRM, and the market seemed to follow, Paul and other industry big wigs seemed to collectively revert to the term social CRM, or SCRM.

Guest Marilyn Jacobs
  How do you feel about's chatter product?
  Denise Denise Holland has been on the forefront of social CRM innovation. See our company and product reviews for particular vendor evaluation. More recently, SAP has introduced the Sales On Demand SaaS product which is heavily influenced by the ways sales staff leverage social sales processes. Expect to see many other vendors follow suit with their particular social innovation.


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