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Silverpop CoreMotives Review—An Independent Marketing Software Analysis

Silverpop CoreMotives Strengths and Weaknesses

Silverpop CoreMotives Strengths:

  • CoreMotives is the pioneer in bringing marketing automation technology to Dynamics CRM. They’ve been at it the longest, possess strong domain knowledge and have the highest Dynamics CRM customer share.
  • The company offers a choice in delivery options, be it on-premise, in the cloud or partner hosted.
  • CoreMotives offers deep and seamless integration with Dynamics CRM.
  • The marketing software is extremely easy to use. Since it operates within Dynamics CRM, marketers can run their campaigns without having to learn a new user interface or leave their CRM system.
  • Silverpop is a much larger company than other competitors in this review except for Marketo. The company employs about 600 staff and is believed to be around $100M in revenues.
  • Silverpop is a global company. Most CoreMotives customers reside in North America, however, the application is deployed in 45 countries. The company sells direct as well as through a mature partner network that includes 220 partners in 34 countries. Silverpop has offices in Atlanta, Irvine, London, Munich and Sydney and the Core Motives marketing software is available in multiple languages (Chinese (simplified), Portuguese, Swedish, Japanese, Spanish, German, Turkish, French, Danish, Finish).
  • The marketing application is developed on a strong Microsoft technology stack, using SQL Azure in a multitenant environment and API services with Dynamics CRM.
  • The acquisition and TCO are compelling. Subscription pricing is competitive, implementations are fast, and time to value is quick.
  • Customer Service is strong. Independent customer reviews generally made very positive statements about CoreMotives.
  • The company’s hosting infrastructure and related services is stronger than most. CoreMotives is hosted on Azure and includes a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with a 99.999% uptime guarantee; measured monthly and backed with a financial credit (calculated at the subscription rate). For global support, the host service uses a web accelerator to geo-locate users and route them to best available Azure data center. The company also maintains dedicated information security staff.

Silverpop CoreMotives Weaknesses:

  • Marketers looking beyond basic marketing automation may incur limitations, or missing advanced feature sets such as verification of email addresses using MX lookup, multi-attribution, or lack of flexibility with nurture campaign designs or lead scoring models.
  • Due to the embedded integration approach with Dynamics CRM, certain high value marketing capabilities such as progressive profiling and behavioral responses are not supported. While the all-in-one marketing and CRM approach has its advantages, the downside is that activities which require data transfer or syncing between the CRM system and the marketing application’s interaction with a visitor or lead incur such performance degradation that they are not supported. This limits or prevents simple visitor engagement techniques such as leveraging information learned from a prior visit the next time the visitor engages.
  • As with ClickDimensions and SalesFUSION, CoreMotives may incur scalability issues. For those marketers who need to send high volumes of behavior-driven emails, and not incur the performance bottleneck of data transfer between the CRM and marketing system, Silverpop’s Engage marketing software is an upgrade option which offers greater scalability and sophistication. While Engage does integrate with Dynamics CRM, the integration is built on Scribe and not nearly as sophisticated as the CoreMotives integration. Also, the upgrade path from CoreMotives to Engage is more manual than automated.
  • Team functions required for distributed or larger marketing departments, such as advanced security permissions and content management functionality (i.e. version control, check-in/check-out file management and security permissions) are not supported.

CoreMotives delivered the first Dynamics-native marketing automation application and in many ways it’s their market to lose. Clearly the most direct CoreMotives competitor is ClickDimensions and the number of marketing software buyers performing a CoreMotives versus ClickDimensions comparison is on the rise. While both applications strive to achieve similar objectives, their feature sets, scalability, extensibility, analytics, user experience and company support vary, thereby providing savvy buyers differentiation and varying fit for their particular marketing objectives.

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