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IBM Marketing Cloud Software Review


IBM Marketing Software Review—An Independent Marketing Software Analysis

Marketing Campaigns

IBM Marketing Cloud campaigns are designed in a simple and visual display. But despite the simplicity, more advanced features such as non-sequential campaign steps or transferring a lead from one campaign to another can be accomplished using the tool’s decision diamond and multiple track options.

Marketers who have managed marketing automation systems for a few years often find themselves managing dozens or even hundreds of landing pages and forms. The marketing software offers methods to reuse content blocks, templates and components in order to ease this burden and keep landing pages and forms more up to date.

Other must-have campaign features such as flexible data collection methods (web service API, Import, CRM integration, landing page forms), progressive profiling and posting forms on social networks such as Facebook in order to collect opt-ins and other registrations are all fully present.

An interesting and atypical data collection method is the Pop-In application which enables remote or field-based data collection on an iPad. Pop-In is intended for face to face or field-based interaction such as industry trade shows or location-based events at stores or other venues. The Pop-In Web forms can be customized to capture the right data and allow the marketing team to control the look and feel of the app. And the iPad application supports data collection even when there is no Internet service by storing data offline and then syncing with the online system when Internet connectivity is re-established.

The one thing we’d most like to see added to campaign management is Pay Per Click (PPC) integration. Many organizations continue to increase their PPC spend and leverage Adwords as part of the lead acquisition strategy. Capturing the PPC/adword cost (along with other PPC campaign information) when capturing the lead would be helpful in determining which adwords are delivering the biggest payback.

Email Marketing

Like most marketing automation systems, the IBM Marketing Cloud is able to simply define precise customer segments based on demographic or behavioral attributes and integrate data collected from email, surveys, landing pages and Web analytics. Lists can be static or dynamic; for example most marketers want static lists for measuring webinar attendance. However, the marketing software goes further in offering several unique capabilities such as its Send Time Optimization which delivers messages at the precise day and time each recipient is most likely to be receptive based on their past behaviors. IBM Marketing Cloud records when recipients open their emails, and queues subsequent deliveries for the optimal times based on their inbox habits. The results are increased opens and conversions.

Email deliverability is both a top challenge among marketers and a critical success factor in campaign performance. IBM marketing software customers can preview and optimize their email messages for a variety of inboxes, including mobile devices, so that emails render properly when delivered. The marketing software also incorporates spam scoring, using SpamAssassin, so that potential deliverability problems can be resolved before you click ‘Send’ button. Perhaps most important, IBM Marketing Cloud retains a dedicated team of professionals to maintain strong relationships with the ISPs and work with customers to complete the whitelisting process, implement authentication controls, leverage dedicated IP addresses, and establish good email sender reputations with the ISPs. The end result is that customer email distributions will reach more of their intended targets.

In addition to traditional email marketing, the marketing software supports a SMS text messaging solution to enable marketers to compose, send and track mobile marketing campaigns.

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IBM Marketing Software Review


IBM Marketing Software Review


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