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IBM Marketing Cloud Review & Evaluation


IBM Marketing Software Review—An Independent Marketing Software Analysis

Strengths & Weaknesses

Competitive positioning in the marketing automation software industry is highlighted with the following strengths and weaknesses.

IBM Marketing Cloud Strengths

  • IBM Marketing Cloud offers the strongest marketing automation solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers. The Silverpop acquisition gives this large and growing customer base a tightly integrated marketing software application which keeps training to a minimum, capitalizes on the Microsoft CRM constructs and integrates simply with additional Microsoft solutions.
  • The company is laser focused on behavioral marketing – and using implicit data points to target prospects, improve message relevancy and more precisely score leads.
  • The Send Time Optimization capability is truly unique. This marketing automation feature analyzes recipient behavior on a rolling basis to understand behaviors and forecast the ideal email delivery time for list recipients. A snooze feature gives the company’s target recipients an ability to refrain from receiving marketing messages for a specific period of time rather than completely opting out of mailings.
  • Email distributions and deliverability are best in class.
  • This marketing software solution is an early leader in social marketing. Gartner predicts CMOs will control more of the IT budget than CIOs within the next few years, and this category of social marketing is forecast to be one of the highest growth sectors. IBM is a very strong contender to become a leader in this new social marketing sector.
  • IBM is a recognized leader in the technology industry and infers a long term viability to stand behind this marketing software solution.

IBM Marketing Cloud Weaknesses

  • There is a lack of vendor supported CRM integration beyond Microsoft Dynamics CRM and
  • There is a very limited ecosystem of integrated third party products.
  • The company lacks market visibility when compared to other industry leaders such as Eloqua, Marketo and HubSpot. This may in turn result in IBM's growth not keeping up with other marketing software leaders and ultimately leave IBM in a lagging position.
  • Silverpop was one of several companies that incurred an information security breach in 2010 which resulted in the loss and compromise of customer data. It appears only a small percentage of Silverpop customers were affected by the breach but nonetheless suggests an information security weakness.
  • Campaign reporting is good, and much of the reporting actually stems from data pushed to, but beyond an Excel Plug-In (for exporting to pivot tables and the like) more advanced analytics such as Business Intelligence with multi-dimensional analysis, OLAP (online analytics processing) and predictive modeling are not present. Also, advanced reporting such as campaign attribution for campaign ROI or ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment) is not available.

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IBM Marketing Software Review


IBM Marketing Software Review

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