Social CRM Best Practices


Integrate CRM with social media to engage, acquire, grow and retain more customers

Social CRM

How Social CRM Brings New Value to Your Customer Strategy

How to advance your CRM to include Social CRM to improve customer engagement, acquire more customers and increase customer share.

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Social Listening

The Ultimate B2B Social Listening Guide

A social listening playbook that includes the implementation 4 step model, social monitoring tools and most important performance metrics.

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Social CRM

A Recommended Path to Social CRM ROI

Social CRM ROI remains elusive for most companies. Here we share a proven process to achieve social CRM success and maximize payback.

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Social Media Business

A Social Business Implementation Plan

A social business plan to improve staff productivity and tenure, increase customer engagement and share, and lower company operating costs.

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Should Your Company Become a Social Business?

Here we share the path to become a social business and the process to build a business case with the steps, benefits, risks and payback.

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Social Business

Building the Business Case for Social Business

A 6 step approach for building the business case to become a social business that drives traditional business revenue growth.

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Social Media Outsourcing

Can You Outsource Social Media?

Here we explore social media outsourcing models, methods and evolution and provide advice on agency selection and social metrics.

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Happy Customer

What Social Customers Want from their Brands

Research reveals what social customers want from their brands; not what the suppliers think they want, but what they really want.

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Satisfied Customer

Leveraging Customer Advocates in Your Social Networks

Social media advocates influence brands and drive referrals. Here is how to identify and cultivate these relationships.

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Social CRM

Use Social CRM for Improved Customer Experiences

The integration of social CRM and customer experience management (CEM) is a strategy to skyrocket advocacy, referrals and customer share.

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Contact Center Agent

Lessons in Integrating Social Media Into the Call Center

The lessons learned from successful call centers to explain how – and how not – to implement social media tools in the call center.

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Customer Service Agent

Implementing Social CRM In The Call Center

How to adopt a call center social media strategy and integrate social media tools for more effective case resolution and customer satisfaction.

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Gamification with CRM Software

Gamified CRM — As Compelling As Smashing Birds Into Pigs

CRM gamified is upping CRM value with employee and customer engagement techniques that increase staff productivity and customer affinity.

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Gamification CRM

CRM Gamification Plan

Gamification objectives, use cases and best practices to improve staff productivity and customer engagement.

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CRM Gamification

CRM Gamification Use Cases, Risks and Rewards

Here is how companies are using gamification programs with CRM software to improve staff productivity and customer engagement.

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5 Reasons You Need a Company-Managed Social CRM Platform

Here’s how to use a social CRM platform to improve customer engagement, customer affinity and customer relationships.

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Social Media and CRM

How CRM + Social Media = More Customers

How CRM software integrates with social media tools to create social CRM processes that engage customers and grow customer relationships.

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CRM for Gamification

CRM Gamification to Engage, Reward & Retain Customers

Here is how CRM gamification infuses game thinking and mechanics to drive improvements to staff and customer engagement and retention.

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Social Media

When Implementing Social CRM, Walk Before You Run

Social CRM should be built on a CRM software platform to drive the organization-wide adoption that achieves lasting customer engagement.

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Social CRM includes the strategy, processes and tools to collectively engage customers in an online dialogue that satisfies their increasing requests for better communication and access to information. It also provides suppliers with unprecedented feedback, increased customer interaction and improved customer relationships.

Extending traditional and largely transactional CRM systems with social CRM tools and methods empower companies to truly engage customers and advance their customer relationships along a continuum from initial buyer to repeat customer to collaborative partner to unsolicited advocate.

Social CRM strategies recognize the change in communication, from a vendor initiated monologue, to a customer accepted dialogue. Social CRM technologies empower brands to employ tools which are user driven, collaborative and interactive in order to engage customers at the time, place and method of their choosing. That engagement  increases customer acquisitions, improves customer relationships, grows customer share and increases customer retention; all factors that drive significant and sustained revenue growth.