Social CRM Best Practices


Integrate CRM with social media to engage, acquire, grow and retain more customers

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Social CRM includes the strategy, processes and tools to collectively engage customers in an online dialogue that satisfies their increasing requests for better communication and access to information. It also provides suppliers with unprecedented feedback, increased customer interaction and improved customer relationships.

Extending traditional and largely transactional CRM systems with social CRM tools and methods empower companies to truly engage customers and advance their customer relationships along a continuum from initial buyer to repeat customer to collaborative partner to unsolicited advocate.

Social CRM strategies recognize the change in communication, from a vendor initiated monologue, to a customer accepted dialogue. Social CRM technologies empower brands to employ tools which are user driven, collaborative and interactive in order to engage customers at the time, place and method of their choosing. That engagement  increases customer acquisitions, improves customer relationships, grows customer share and increases customer retention; all factors that drive significant and sustained revenue growth.