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CRM Hosting and Software Pricing

Sword Ciboodle Hosting and Service Level Agreement

Software as a Service (SaaS) CRM delivery is loosely available for the Ciboodle application suite, and the Ciboodle platform can be deployed in public and private cloud environments. However, as the customer service software product was not developed for SaaS or the cloud, does not posses a multi-tenant architecture and is very light with PaaS-like services and solutions, the company reports that most clients choose to deploy the Ciboodle CRM software on-premise. The company suggests other factors contribute toward a preponderance of on-premise installations, including system integration with legacy and enterprise systems, PCI Compliance and security regulations. Ironically, these factors have never slowed cloud adoption for customer service competitors such as Oracle, RightNow and Ciboodle provides a SaaS to PaaS migration path for clients transitioning to an on-premise deployment.

Data center hosting is provided through infrastructure partners that offer hosting services, including IBM, CSC, Fujitsu and e-Loyalty. The hosting provided by these partners is not the same as software as a service (SaaS), and is more comparable to a managed services arrangement or remotely managing an on-premise system from a third party data center.

The Availability Service Level Agreement (SLA) for CloudCompute Gold is 99.90% uptime, while CloudComputeSilver has a 99.5% uptime objective. Clients will be entitled to a credit of 1/30th of the applicable monthly recurring charges for any calendar month in which a client's CloudCompute environment is unavailable and/or for any calendar month that CSC fails to respond or notify the client according to the schedule.

Sword Ciboodle Software Pricing

CRM software pricing varies according to customer requirements and the vendor declined to disclose precise pricing parameters. However, the price is typically based on the number of concurrent users, but the company also offers options (tailored to each client) for the following models:

  • Enterprise Wide License (EWL) – where a client can use unlimited licenses for a period of time (normally three years) after which they own in perpetuity the number of licenses
  • Per Named User
  • Rental model typically based on monthly usage
  • A limited user model or limited functionality model – where a client expects a particular user group to only use a small amount of the functionality of the system
  • Transactional based

Software licenses are typically contracted by the customer in perpetuity, with an annual maintenance charge which provides customer access to patches and software upgrades.

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Sword Ciboodle


Sword Ciboodle CRM Review



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