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Sword Ciboodle Software Review


Sword Ciboodle Product Review

The Sword Ciboodle suite contains four primary product modules. Caboodle One is a unified, intelligent desktop. Ciboodle Flow is the case management workflow system. Ciboodle Live is an integrated web self-service solution. And, last but not least, Ciboodle Crowd is an integrated customer community platform.

The Platform

The Ciboodle platform supports an open SOA architecture that leverages web services, XML and other prevalent standards. It comes with pre-built connectors for pre-built integration with Cisco, Genesys, Avaya, SAP and other systems. Ciboodle has an agnostic mobile framework that supports devices including Android, iOS, and BlackberryOS, and allows most CRM application content delivery to mobile devices. The mobile platform delivers the bare essentials, however, taking a lowest common denominator approach across browsers and mobile devices, not catering to mobile device form factors, and not exploiting mobile operating systems capabilities from iOS or Droid clearly fails to favorably compete in the mobile CRM arena.

Case Management

As mentioned, Ciboodle offers a product module called Ciboodle Flow to power case management with business process automation. In many ways, this is the crux of their competitive advantage in process-centric functionality. In essence, the module extends traditional business process management as it accommodates incident resolution processes while also adding significant flexibility by accommodating case-based routings, approvals, variations and progressions.

The business-defined and dynamic filing system gathers structured and unstructured information that might be helpful in resolving the case – including scanned documents, transcripts, emails, images and notes – to aid the agent by providing complete and immediate visibility into everything known about the customer and/or the case.

Ciboodle Flow empowers agent autonomy, that is the ability to work naturally and spontaneously within rules or parameters but outside a script when case exceptions occur.

The customer service software serves as a front end to a multitude of knowledge bases and other customer data sources enabling agents to easily and swiftly move among them without delay and frustrating the customer further with long pauses or wait time while the agent searches for and reviews new information. Additionally, complex case management, including when used with integrated legacy applications and across multiple channels, is easily handled within the constructs of Ciboodle Flow.

The Management Dashboard visualizes the flow of work across the organization. Capacity issues, Service Level Agreement (SLA) exceptions and performance graphs are available to the Service Management teams to track actual stats and intervene proactively.

Ciboodle Flow's flexible integration to legacy assets ensures enterprise-wide data, processes, and content, relevant to the customer request, is leveraged – eradicating unnecessary copying and pasting between business applications that frustrate staff, increase errors and duplication, and ultimately annoy the customer.

The User Profile Display highlights assigned cases, back log, SLAs, and available resource pools. Search capability reaches to active and closed cases by content, type, assignment, and stage. Procedural rules and guided navigation assist users through unfamiliar processes and escalation routines.

Both Forrester and Gartner rate Sword Ciboodle as strong in case management.

Knowledge Management

Good call centers become great call centers when they effectively leverage, reuse, share and deliver institutionalized knowledge at the time and place where it can make a positive customer impact. Getting the salient information to the right agents at the right time accelerates case resolutions, improves customer satisfaction and increases agent productivity.

Sword Ciboodle uses a multi-layered approach to knowledge management which can help transition implicit and tribal knowledge to institutional memory and enterprise-wide shared information. The CRM system provides strong knowledge management capability designed to support the user through common customer requests—i.e. procedural, service related, product related, or information related. The knowledge management capability is quite configurable and can be administered by business users. The customer service software also enables call center managers or business users to build business processes once and repurpose them over multiple channels. This provides notable consistency in responses and a predictable customer experience.

The customer service system easily accommodates those clients that require an enterprise search and knowledge management engine, which is typically more common in support environments where there is a need for the user to search through large amounts of unstructured information. For example, where the customer has a complex product range or technical product set, or requirement to index, search and retrieve from large amounts of documentation. For this, Ciboodle provides the capability to embed and/or integrate to the knowledge management engine in order to maintain a common look-and-feel for the user.

Ciboodle provides a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) module to support the user through the end-to-end customer interaction. The FAQ is presented within the UI, and allows the user to click through for more detail. This is designed as a quick reference point for the user to support requests within a specific process, for example "How do I….." or "What is the procedure for this….".

The FAQs are easily administered and updated by the business user and require little to no IT involvement.

Self Service

The Ciboodle Live module provides integrated web self service with an intuitive interface that is easy for the user to use and modify. Service channels are blended so that users can easily move from self-service to agent involvement via co-browse, chat and click-to-call. Seamless transfer eliminates the need for the user to repeat information and context.

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Sword Ciboodle


Sword Ciboodle CRM Review



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