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Sword Ciboodle Social CRM

Ciboodle launched its own community platform called Ciboodle Crowd. Two of its main advantages are that it provides designated locations for customer interactions and it also records those interactions to make them part of the unified customer record. In other words, it folds this information into the customer's overall profile and history in real-time. This approach brings together a few of the strongest aspects of online communities and seamlessly connects them via a social CRM platform, creating a company specific online community for agents and customers alike to interact via forums, blogs, discussion boards and question sets.

Ciboodle Crowd integrates with analytics tools such as SAS to provide real time social media analytics and provides a Social Desktop through the integration to Social Monitoring Tools. Sword Ciboodle does not directly offer social CRM tools for key functions such as social networks and social stream integration, internal (or external) collaboration, or the automated appending of contact profiles with social data points.

Workforce Management

Sword Ciboodle's worklist organizes cases for individuals and groups—sorting them by priority, subject, status, or other custom criteria. Calendar integration schedules appointments, facilities, and tasks. Integration adaptors leverage existing databases and applications which greatly aid agents in managing their time and completing tasks. This also reduces delays and customer frustrations. Indeed, this CRM system can be useful in satisfying customer service agents (which reduces the perennial challenge of agent turnover) and retaining customers.

Flexible work routing provides automatic or manual work distribution based on staff skill, role, and availability. The end result from this software automation is reduced cycle times and much greater adherence to structured business processes and best practices.

Ciboodle One, the unified agent desktop module, is best of class and possibly the cleanest on the market. While pretty much every CRM software vendor touts the proverbial 360 degree customer view, most CRM system customer views are limited to simple CRM operational transactions, such as activities, opportunities, campaigns and cases. Ciboodle takes the customer view further, granting the agent more relevant data points such as behaviors, personalizing the customer information for more relevant engagement and including strong customer service analytics (due in large part to the partnership with SAS and the Realtime Decision Manager).

Sword Ciboodle can integrate with third party workforce management systems and its business process platforms can also be used to link with external databases and create customized workforce management solutions.

Reporting & Analytics

Sword Ciboodle announced its Intelligent Contact Center powered by SAS in October 2011 just one month prior to announcing its collaboration with CSC. The combination of Ciboodle One and SAS Realtime Decision Manager (RDM) analytics is certainly upping the ante in contact center business intelligence. SAS is, after all, a top dog in the business analytics field. The rollout as of this CRM software review is in the U.S. only but Ciboodle says it hopes to rollout the product in other countries in the near future.

The Intelligent Contact Center consists of four advanced customer engagement tools:

  • Intelligent chat—Real-time advanced, predictive chat capabilities change the online experience into a process and data driven channel that helps identify high-value prospects and generate intelligent offers, and is touted by the company as an industry first.
  • Intelligent offers—Generated by honed insights that identify relevant and timely cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.
  • Social media intelligence—Surfacing and processing conversational data from across the social web to provide a richer view of customers and create relevant proactive outreach and reactive customer care.
  • Lead management and campaign execution—Customer profiling intelligence is delivered through Ciboodle One, Sword Ciboodle's Unified Desktop, to arm agents with the next best action for each individual customer, highlighting the most appropriate or opportune action to turn new contacts into sales leads and existing customers into upsell and cross sell candidates.

Reporting dashboards display relevant KPIs and thus provide guidance on needed rule, role and process alterations.

Contact Center Integration

A purpose built and native multi-channel customer service solution, Sword Ciboodle coordinates and unifies interactions across channels including retail, phone, email, SMS, chat, co-browse and web self-service, and delivers such to mobile workers and from front to back office agents. The CRM system automatically notifies customer service agents of contact context and preceding events so that they can efficiently pick up the conversation wherever the last transaction ended. The end result is a customer service system that enables seamless cross-channel continuation of conversations without loss of data or spontaneity.

Sword Ciboodle provides out-of-the-box integration with popular computer telephony systems, including: Genesys, Avaya, Nortel, and Cisco. In addition, Ciboodle can integrate with less common telephony providers, such as Asterix, Davox and Unison.

The Ciboodle EAI (enterprise application integration) layer supports common telephony protocols, such as TAPI and JTAPI. New integration requirements can be configured via web services, allowing Ciboodle to drive conversations, route and pass information between most IVR's.

Automatic Call Distribution is presented in the Ciboodle environment as a screen-pop to the agent, and includes information entered by the customer and salient information about the customer.

Ciboodle provides integration options to self-service IVR channels. Routing decisions are supported and Ciboodle processes (such as customer identification or case status) can be wrapped as a service and called by the IVR (DTMF and VXML). Similarly, the Ciboodle process can drive VXML enabled IVR platforms.

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Sword Ciboodle


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