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Independent Sword Ciboodle Software Review


Sword Ciboodle Strengths & Weaknesses

Competitive positioning in the CRM customer service software market is highlighted with the following strengths and weaknesses.

Sword Ciboodle Strengths

  • The CRM software capabilities are aligned with the strategic objectives to improve the customer experience, deliver consistent service and reduce customer frustration.
  • Its customer service application is particularly strong for companies with high-volume call center transactions or interactions.
  • Strong attention to the agent user experience speeds training of both the system and any new processes introduced at a later date. Further, this improves CSR adoption and productivity—and tends to decrease the perineal problem of agent churn.
  • The CRM software excels in complex case management with multichannel needs. It also has good modeling capabilities and excellent customer self service functionality.
  • Multiple user roles configuration cuts average task handling times.
  • The company manages a highly responsive services and support team.
  • The single agent desktop and integrated, unified customer interaction hub are exceptional in streamlining tasks and staying in-sync and spontaneous with the customer.
  • Strong alliances and collaboration with partners such as SAS and CSC greatly expand the system's capabilities and global customer delivery and even go so far as to enhance the continuous evolution toward intelligent, next generation contact centers.
  • Sword Ciboodle was acknowledged by Forrester as a global leader in process-centric customer service solutions, and recognized for expediting time to market by being the only CRM software vendor to score full marks in 'time-to-value' in CRM implementations.
  • The company has earned an impressive list of marquee clients, including Bally Total Fitness, Sears, Standard Bank and Vodafone.

Sword Ciboodle Weaknesses

  • While the CRM software does accommodate multi-channel support, the application is a better fit for call centers (where primary interaction remains the telephone) than contact centers (where interaction occurs over far more channels).
  • With new alliances come substantial changes to the CRM software and a division of labor with professional services delivery. Prospects and customers should perform due diligence to ensure these changes and services are well defined and repeatable—and will not impose either burdensome delays or risk—prior to making a purchase commitment.
  • Geographic scope of the product was somewhat limited prior to the collaboration with CSC. It is unclear whether the situation has yet changed or how much geographic scope will be added, if any. Again, due diligence on this point by multi-national organizations is highly recommended.
  • Despite making an impressive number of customer sales and successfully partnering with very capable industry leaders, Sword Ciboodle is still not a tip-of-the-tongue brand. This doesn't affect the quality of the product per se but it may impact future growth stagnation if the company fails to up its marketing game. Slow growth may lead to fewer upgrades, less innovation and potential financial instability.
  • Sword Ciboodle is trailing the CRM software market, and direct competitors, in the area of social CRM. The company does offer the Ciboodle Crowd community platform and has a luke warm relationship with's Radian6. However, the absence of an internal collaboration network, micro-blogging tool, integrated social data append services, ideation tool, social network and social stream integration tools, and the like limit the ability to better engage customers—particularly among social channels.
  • As previously referenced, the company is both late to the cloud market and seemingly not well motivated to make the transition. Failure to eventually deliver a legitimate, browser-based, thin-client, multi-tenant cloud CRM application will delay subsequent offerings such as PaaS tools and third party ecosystems of integrated cloud-based products, limit the opportunity for clients to leverage public clouds, impose greater costs to customers seeking a hosted solution and slow Sword Ciboodle's capability to scale new customer acquisitions and increase the pace of innovation.

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Sword Ciboodle


Sword Ciboodle CRM Review



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