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Vertical Solutions CRM Software Review

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Vertical Solutions Sweet Spot

Short list Vertical Solutions when:

  • You seek a straight-forward, no frills, easy to use, best of breed call center CRM software application.
  • Quick deployment, fast time to value and total cost of ownership are key decision making criteria.
  • You desire to improve or reengineer contact center business processes—and can therefore greatly benefit from Business Process Management and workflow automation.
  • You feel you may change the software delivery model from SaaS to on-premise or vice versa.
  • Your company lies in one of Vertical Solutions designated industry target markets, including manufacturing, third-party outsourcers, healthcare, and insurance companies. Its sweet spot is third-party outsourcers, healthcare and insurance companies in part because the CRM system is so ideal for segmenting data and separating accounts. By enabling the creation of business processes, rules, multiple knowledge bases, and collaborations in each segment and separating the data entirely from other segments, VContactCenter can uniquely and generally meet even the toughest of security and governance demands.

Alternative CRM Solutions

CRM buyers may be best advised to consider alternative CRM software products when:

  • You seek a balanced CRM suite with strong sales force automation (SFA), marketing automation and customer service.
  • You are a social enterprise seeking CRM with tightly integrated social CRM capabilities.
  • Your company location is outside North America. The newly formed relationship with Worldwide Telco, whereby Worldwide resells and supports the CRM software in South America, may expand VSI's geographical presence but at the time of this CRM software review the relationship was new and unproven.
  • Your business or contact center complexity requires advanced feature sets or a more sophisticated PaaS suite of integration and development tools.
  • You are uncomfortable with the support or perceived longevity of a small company and prefer to make a brand name purchase.

Concluding Remarks

Overall, Vertical Solutions is a solid and respectable company with a robust and unique CRM software product line. The Vertical Services Platform shows technology innovation and adaptability to new technologies such as the cloud and Software as a Service. The call center software system is forward thinking and impressive. If viewed in a vacuum, the customer service software should be a frontrunner in the CRM contact center software vendor field.

Unfortunately for Virtual Solutions, CRM software purchase decisions are not viewed in a product-only vacuum. Other purchase criteria such as brand, company, alliances, partners, global distribution and much more new technology adoption (social CRM, mobile CRM, analytics, etc.) play an important role. Virtual Solutions lack of self promotion, marketing and messaging suggests it is content to maintain itself as a closely held lifestyle company. This is generally acceptable to small and midsize businesses looking for direct relationships with the executive teams from their suppliers, but prohibits the company from scaling and discourages enterprise companies from considering the CRM publisher at a grander scale. From a longer term perspective, the company is not growing at the pace of the SaaS business software industry, and should this become a sustained trend the company and its product will lose relevance in a highly competitive growth industry.

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