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Data Center Hosting & Service Level Agreement

The company's Vertical Services Platform is web-based framework that supports the call center CRM application being deployed on premise or in the cloud—be it either a public cloud or a private cloud. Even with the Software as a Service model, the company offers an on-demand public cloud option (where a multi-tenant architecture allows multiple clients to be securely hosted on the same hardware configuration) or an on-demand private cloud option. It should be recognized that Vertical Solutions use of the phrase "public cloud" in unique, and essentially means SaaS delivery from their colocation data center network, as opposed to more recognized public clouds such as Amazon EC2 or Microsoft Azure.

Vertical Solutions CRM applications are hosted in Cincinnati Bell Technology Systems (CBTS) Tier 3 facilities which also services 15 of the top global 100 companies. CBTS and CyrusOne are top flight data center operators and together operate 19 data centers in the U.S. and London.

Despite a strong primary data center, there's no evidence to suggest that the CRM application itself is hosted in multiple data centers for an active/active synchronization and immediate fail-over. Further any global user is routed to Cincinnati regardless of their geographic location. This may impose excessive hops, latency, jitter and overall performance degradation for online users outside North America.

The company claims that data center network availability provided by CBTS has historically averaged around 99.95% network uptime. This is an impressive result, however, unlike most CRM applications, Vertical Solutions does not provide a publicly accessible live monitoring site to view and validate uptime or downtime. Further, the company suggests it offers a Service Level Agreement (SLA), but our review of said document found it to be woefully inadequate as it did not contain specific (and period-based) metrics, recovery level objectives or a financial guarantee.

Lastly, there is no independent evidence that Vertical Solutions itself manages an ISMS (Information Security Management System) or undergoes any of the routine data center and security audits and certifications such as ISO 27001, PCI or SAS 70 (or the newer SSAE 16). Customers considering a SaaS deployment are advised to vet data center delivery, uptime assurance and information security before making a CRM software purchase commitment.

Vertical Solutions Software Pricing

Pricing varies based upon deployment model (on-premise or on-demand), the scope of CRM software modules and user counts—with final pricing being subject to negotiation.

  • Estimated on-premise CRM software pricing is $3,000 per named CSR/Dispatcher/Operations license and $1,000 per named Field Tech license plus 20 percent annual maintenance.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) pricing is $125 to $175 per user per month.
  • The Private Cloud option uses a software licensing procurement model, not a more typical cloud or SaaS based subscription pricing model.
  • Additional pricing for CRM software components such as the Consumer Portal or Dealer Portal self service applications, the VReportWizard, packaged integration routines and other software components may apply.
  • VSI typically charges $175/hour for professional services including implementation, consulting, and project management roles.

The included allotments of data storage and bandwidth are generous, or at least superior to many other SaaS CRM applications. The SaaS subscription pricing includes database storage of 100GB and bandwidth of 10 Mb/S. Extra fees will apply beyond these thresholds at $10. per GB of storage and $250 per month for additional bandwidth of 1Mb / second.

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Vertical Solutions CRM Review



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