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Vertical Solutions CRM Software Review


Vertical Solutions Strengths & Weaknesses

Competitive positioning in the CRM customer service software market is highlighted with the following strengths and weaknesses.

Vertical Solutions Strengths

  • VContactCenter is configurable and flexible with little IT intervention. Call center managers or other business users can therefore react more quickly and more proactively with their CRM software application.
  • The customer service system is simple to use. Navigation is intuitive, forms are basic and guided assistance is available to contact center staff.
  • The CRM call center system provides agents with simple work flow, guided navigation and utilities such as the Tip Expert to provide situational guidance. Agent guidance can be configured by role, enforced to an individual field level and used with creative business processes such as up-sell and cross sell.
  • The flexibility of data segmentation makes it a good CRM software solution for users who need to separate data for security, governance or billing reasons (third-party outsourcer billing needs, for example).
  • The Business Process Management software is not as robust as pure play BPM solutions, however, may be ideal for most contact centers as it straight-forward and configured with a visual, drag-and-drop interface. Contact center managers and business users are empowered to create, copy, test and roll out work flow routines and business process automation that can achieve significant labor savings while reducing cycle times.
  • A CRM software strength is in its innate ability to fit the customer's contact center processes rather than force the customer to fit into the solution's design. The combination of flexible configuration and the BPM tool permit non-coding alternatives to accommodate unique or exception-based business processes. Software customizations and maintenance costs should be markedly lower and user satisfaction higher as a result.
  • Contact center agents and managers can "subscribe" to information (rather than mine for it) within the organization about specific contracts, clients or products. Information is directly pushed to agents, sales people, customer service managers, quality control staff, or any team member or specially built team to ensure nothing is overlooked and the right people get the right information in real time and sans noise.
  • As recently as October 2011, Gartner positioned Vertical Solutions in the Niche Players section of the Magic Quadrant for Field Service Management. While this is a separate CRM application from contact center management, it nonetheless suggests that the common platform is impressive, and the company is well regarded.
  • For companies with field service management needs, the system's CRM functionality enables field technicians to capture sales leads to grow their company's bottom line while increasing efficiency needed in a lean field service environment.

Vertical Solutions Weaknesses

  • Geographic scope is largely limited to North America. The company does not posses global offices for international sales and support, data center delivery is limited to the U.S. and the CRM software lacks key international capabilities such as regional localization, regulatory features sets (such as customer privacy or Safe Harbour provisions in the EU) and multi-language support.
  • Social CRM is weak.
  • Mobile CRM is weak.
  • The SaaS SLA is weak.
  • While there are select packaged integrations to third party systems such as NetSuite, the company does not possess a third party ecosystem or marketplace of on-demand integrated software products.
  • The company lacks alliances with system integrators and ISVs (independent software vendors).
  • The company lacks a balanced CRM software suite. While it does offer a very strong customer service application, there is no comparable offer for Sales Force Automation (SFA) or marketing automation.
  • Although the company has been in business for 25 years and has built a strong positive reputation, it lags behind leaders in its field in terms of name recognition and revenues. This is suspected by most analysts to be due to poor marketing efforts rather than a matter of financial instability but a continued lack of growth will eventually negatively impact software upgrades and customer support.

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Vertical Solutions


Vertical Solutions CRM Review



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